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So, here i am

2009-03-10 22:17:54 by ADM12

So here i am...
Its been like 3 months since i discovered this site (searching for an online guitar hero) and i got inmedaily hooked.
All these flashes to be watched.
I dont make flash since i dont have the Macromedia, or any other flash maker. But i like seeing things anyway.
What talents do i have, well, i am a frustrated writer, so i have a lot of creativity in the aspect of storylines, maybe i have the storu youre looking for, just PM if youre interested.

Nothing more to say folks, later.



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2009-03-10 23:09:28

Hey man!

ADM12 responds:

hey hombre


2009-03-10 23:57:51

EVERY writer is a frustrated writer.\

Welcome to NG!

ADM12 responds:

lol, youre right, thanks for the welcome


2009-03-12 23:29:09

fuck you maan
fuck you hardcore.

ADM12 responds: